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Online Self-Defence Training at Self-Defence Training Academy (SDTA)

At Self-Defence Training Academy (SDTA), we offer a comprehensive online training course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to protect yourself. Our course is accessible and convenient, allowing you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Our training also focuses on risk reduction strategies. We believe that prevention is key, and our participants learn practical techniques to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible. By increasing awareness and teaching effective risk assessment, we help women make smarter choices to keep themselves safe.

Developing a self-defence mindset is another critical aspect of our program. We empower women to cultivate confidence, assertiveness, and resilience. Our program provides guidance on enhancing situational awareness and making quick, informed decisions under pressure. With the right mindset, women can navigate through challenging situations and protect themselves effectively.

Empower Yourself with Essential Self-Defence Skills from Anywhere

Self-defence insight

Online Basic Self-Defence Insight Course

(Duration: 9 lessons +/- 6 hours)
The Insight Course is an introduction to self defence training. After completing this course you will be knowledgeable of the following aspects.

– Self Defence Law
– Defence formula – Avoid, Deter, Defuse, Evade, Response & Escape
– Understanding and Controlling Fear
– Vulnerable Areas to attack
– Combatives
– Pre-emptive Strikes and Fighting Tactics
– Defence against punches, kicks, elbows, knees and other attacks
– Anti-hijack principles

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Course Overview

Our online self-defence training course covers a wide range of essential topics to ensure you are well-prepared in various self-defence situations. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

1. Understanding the Laws Governing Self-Defence:

– Gain a solid understanding of the legal aspects surrounding self-defence.
– Learn about your rights, responsibilities, and the legal boundaries in different jurisdictions.

2. Risk Reduction Strategies:

– Identify potential risks and develop strategies to reduce your exposure to dangerous situations.
– Learn practical tips and techniques to enhance your personal safety in everyday life.

3. Developing a Self-Defence Mindset:

– Cultivate a resilient and empowered mindset to navigate through challenging situations.
– Enhance your confidence, awareness, and assertiveness to make effective decisions when faced with adversity.

4. Practical Physical Defence Techniques:

– Learn a variety of physical defence techniques that are effective and easy to implement.
– Explore strikes, blocks, escapes, and other essential techniques to defend yourself if necessary.

Course Features

1. Flexible Learning:

– Access the course materials and lessons anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.
– Fit the training into your schedule, making it convenient and adaptable to your lifestyle.

2. Interactive Content:

– Engage with interactive modules, videos, and quizzes that enhance your learning experience.
– Reinforce your understanding of key concepts and techniques through practical exercises.

3. Certificate of Completion:

– Put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to the test with our course assessment.
– Upon successfully passing the assessment, you will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing your achievement.

Empower yourself

Empower yourself with the knowledge
and skills to protect yourself.

Join our online self-defence training course at SDTA and gain the confidence and capabilities to navigate through potentially dangerous situations. Take the assessment and receive a certificate of completion, showcasing your dedication to personal safety.

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