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Complimentary Self-defence eBook:

As part of our commitment to combating gender-based violence, we are pleased to offer a complimentary self-defence eBook, “Empowering Self-Defence: Understanding Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence.” This insightful resource delves into the complexities of gender-based violence and offers valuable insights. By accessing this eBook, you will gain a deeper understanding of the issue and find additional support to empower yourself and others.

Fight to the End: Your Last Resort, Your Ultimate Empowerment!

At SDTA, we believe that every individual has the right to personal safety and the freedom to live without fear. Our slogan, “Fight to the End,” serves as a powerful reminder that you should never give up, but it carries a deeper meaning. We firmly believe that fighting should always be your last resort.

We advocate following the self-defence formula we have developed, known as ADDERE

– Avoid: Be aware and alert to identify potential attackers or risky situations.
– Deter: Project confidence and assertiveness to deter potential attackers from perceiving you as an easy target.
– Defuse: Use effective communication techniques to de-escalate confrontational situations and prevent violence.
– Evade: Move strategically and use obstacles to create distance and create opportunities to escape harm.
– Respond: If necessary, employ self-defence techniques to protect yourself, using the appropriate level of force.
– Escape: Your primary goal is to escape to safety and seek help.

By following the ADDERE formula, you empower yourself with a comprehensive approach to personal safety, enabling you to assess situations, make informed decisions, and take action when necessary.

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Basic self-defence insight course

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Online Basic Self-Defence Insight Course:

With the number of violent crimes occurring everyday it is time to learn the most effective self-defence system. Our online self-defence training course covers a wide range of essential topics to ensure you are well-prepared in various self-defence situations.
1. Understanding the Laws Governing Self-Defence
2. Risk Reduction Strategies
3. Developing a Self-Defence Mindset
4. Practical Physical Defence Techniques